Monday, December 12, 2016

Water Damage Nashville - After the Storms, SERVPRO of the Nashville Area Can Help

If you have water in your house after a storm then you need to call our water removal and flood damage restoration company here in the Nashville area. 

Nashville water damage 
Our business knows well the areas around Nashville that are prone to spring and fall flooding from severe thunderstorms. 

Storms can happen at any time and can happen quickly. SERVPRO technicians respond just as quickly as soon as the storm is over. Here is why: 
Our Fast Response Time
When water damage in Nashville has wreaked havoc, our 24-hour emergency service is ready to help where you need it the most. So when lightning or the wind strikes your home, and water pours in, you will get an answer when you need it that day.

We are locally owned and operated for fast 24 hour water damage in the Nashville, Madison, Goodlettsville, Inglewood, East Nashville, Rosebank, Edgefield, and Lockeland Springs area

The quicker the water damage becomes assessed and removed, the less damage will result to your property. Highly trained technicians document the process from start to finish. We offer options as the team cleans up after the storm. Our technicians have streamlined the process making our office the central hub for getting storm damage taken care of quickly in the area. 
Dealing With the Insurance 
Coordinating contractors, delivering goods, and dealing with insurance takes time and knowledge. Our technicians work within your insurance framework to create stress-free claims. We even help do the paperwork and documentation. Our reputation for good work and integrity precedes us, making everything easier. You have one less worry. Available 24/7 we have people on call to take care of your needs and teams of people sent to the site itself to do the physical assessment of the situation.
First Things Are First
After the storm take care of you and yours and be safe. Check if electricity is available and if it is, proceed with caution since water will transfer electricity current. Make that phone call to us. We will get the name, number, street address of where the water damage is located whether at your home or your business. 
If you have available your insurance information, it makes the process go a bit faster. If not, the process will start anyway. Just give us the name of your insurance, and we will start from there. In Nashville you can check out FEMA insurance here. 

 Let us know the cause of the water damage event. It determines which equipment pieces become sent to your home. 

Once we arrive on site, we will do an assessment of the damage and find the base point of the water entering your home. Finding the base point of water entry gives a clear picture of the problem. Our technicians have certifications and training, so we are experts in our locality on finding points of water entry, what to do to that, and how to fix the problem.

Remember, you must remove water from your house right away before you get mold damage. Nashville water removal engineers are are a phone call away.
It is our business to help you recover from the storm. Our professionals can start immediately restoring your home to its pre-water-damage condition. Here at SERVPRO of Madison/Goodlettsville at (615) 868-5324 near Nashville are here to serve you after the storms.  

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By Jamie Shelley
12 Dec. 2016